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I was looking through old posts and realized that I had not share with you my puppet. This is my second completed puppet and first mini-puppet.

Her name is Mini (I know so creative). She is supposed to be a miniature puppet of myself.

I’m sure one day I will edit this post to make it more interesting or perhaps Mini will get another new post all together, but for right now here she is. Well, here are pictures of her and my sculpting skills (or lack of them).

0 thoughts on “Puppet”

  1. This is too cute! And I love the ‘poses’ you have put her in, especially lying in a post coital exhaustion with the banana!! (Or at least, that was the way I read it as there is something absolutely beat about her pose.)

  2. Thank you, The banana was actually just for scale but now that you mention it, it does seem like she’s spooning with the banana.
    Tony, I have not seen those, but will now be youtube them.

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