Greek Yogurt (A Poem)


Yes, a poem about Greek yogurt.
A delicious poem
filled with memories
and thick creamy goodness.

This is a poem of love
that sticks on your tongue
slow dissolving, but never forgotten.

A poem about the lasting taste of honey
and a hug of comfort.
Healthy because of it’s favor
and wonderful because of it’s flavor.

Scoop me out some of this poem
so that I can remember,
the times when it was just a food
and the times when it was more.
Give me the reminder of a helping hand
and moments with my friend.

Yes, this is a poem about Greek yogurt
which fills me with joy
and sticks to my spoon.
It reminds me of a far away life
and makes me happy where I am now in life.
Yes, this thick and creamy
delicious and dreamy
healthy wonderful, some times a snack
other times a meal,
memory inducing and always honey filled
food is a poem in my heart.

I hope you smiled because of this. I did when I was writing it. 

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