What Is Home?


Home is where the heart is
or is home where a heart is?
How do you know where a heart lives?
A home may be messy.
It may be clean.
Loud noises may prevail,
or a simple quiet hum.
The smell of cooking
paint or farm animals
live among the walls of a home.

So what is a home?
Memories are made within the wall
and pictures displays the heart’s love.
Styles along with dishware
are mixed and matched;
meaning hearts are mingling,
meaning that the home has lasted.
Loved is displayed
with knick-knacks
and photos of family
leaving lingering love in the air.

Back From Vacation

As the title suggests I am now back from my vacation with my family. I now have 10 new posts that will be published through out this week. There a few poems that were written from the beach and one from my airplane, 2 beach scenes, a short story, some random thoughts and a monologue.

Most of my focus while writing was about the beach and the ocean, but I did do some introspective thoughts and wrote one while flying on the fourth of July among soldiers.  I also wrote a few things during one of my long flights coming back home.

Outside writing it was a crazy week with my crazy family that I love and already miss. We spent time on the beach, went on a dolphin cruise, went to a play, and explored the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We really did try to see everything while resting and keeping four very different kids entertained. This is why it was a crazy week, but one I would not give up.

The stress brought out laughter at the day’s end. The activities in the heat and the sun mad us all sleep well. Plus being in the sun and in the ocean is great for the soul.

All in all I left mostly recharged, happy and feeling fully loved. Not to mention tanner and more blonde thanks to all the sunshine and salt water.

I am very happy to be home and share all my writings with you.writing