A Giveaway and an Auction

This week I have a giveaway at my FB page and an auction on Ebay.

The auction on Ebay is of a friend by the water in the woods in California. She is standing next to a redwood. This painting is a comparison of two of God’s creation (the human and the tree).girl with tree


The Face book giveaway is the first seascape of 4.seascape1


I finished two paintings this week, both were California landscapes. 

The first I entitled Tree Along The Path

Tree Along the Path

Tree Along The Path is an original acrylic painting, done on canvas. It is ten (10) inches wide and eight (8) inches tall. This work of art was completed on September 28th 2013 and is signed by the artist.


The subject of the painting is a tree that can be found on West Cliff drive in Santa Cruz, California.




The other I am calling Sunset Beach


 Sunset BeachThis painting is of a beach while the sun is slowly setting to the left. The main focus is the beautiful cliffs that jet out onto the beach with an opening for the visitors to enjoy the other section of the beach. Sunset Beach was created using a photograph as a tool to capture the landscape of the beach. It is painting on a 10 inch wide by 8 inch tall canvas with acrylic paint.




Both paintings are being auctioned on eBay.