Looking back to help me go forward.

I always like looking back at my past. I do not look back to dwell on my past mistakes or my past hurts. I do not like putting energy into the negative things that could hold me down. Instead I look back to see how far I’ve come. I enjoy seeing my progress and realizing what I have left behind. I also review my past to see what else I need to let go of.

The first thing I realized you may not care about. It has does not have a obvious correspondence to my art or this blog.However,  it is a big realization for me and important. I recently realized I’ve stopped looking for romance. Like I mentioned in my DreamWard Bound post this week I went through old journal entries. I realized how much I thought and wrote about romance before and how little I think about being in a relationship or finding my one true love. Yes, if some one comes along and sweeps me off my feet I will go with it.The difference is that  I am not looking for that person. I am so happy, complete and fulfilled in my life right now, that I do not feel the need to add another person into it. Plus I realized how free I truly am without romance in my life. I can do what I want when I want, I can make future plans without worry about another person, and I do not  have to be any one’s life partner. Again, when the right guy finds me I will be happy to do all that relationship stuff with him. I’m just glad it’s not right now.

I also wanted to reflect on my internet presences. First let’s start with this blog. I just read over the first blog that I ever posted. It is an outline and a plan for movie reviews. You see this blog was going to be dedicated to reviewing movies. It has since changed. It has actually changed a few times now. I would like to go back to reviewing movies, but that will be a goal for the future. I have grown to realize that doing, creating and growing as an artist is more important to me, than growing as a critic. I also realized that I would share art and thoughts rather than movie reviews. I just enjoy it better, at this point in time.

Now a fun look back: My first video that I uploaded to youtube.

Oh and now the first art piece I posted on this blog. This painting took me at least a few days as opposed to the couple of hours my last 3 paints took.(I really hope you are enjoying this, because I am having a blast!)

solo tree


In addition to (at least  perceived growth) I have posted more regularly and have more followers visit this blog. I actually looked at wordpress’ stats recently and mine are slowly rising, which makes me happy. All this makes me want to do more, share more, create more. Hopefully all my writing, sharing, and creating wants you, my reader(s) to read and see more.

Feel free to comment below or check out my youtube channel to see more recently videos, my website to see better paintings, or follow me on twitter so that you do not to do any of those things to stay up to date with my going ones.

I have another few posts that I will be working on today and posting through out this week, so stayed tuned/ focused/ on the look out.