Here I stand (A Monologue)


Here I stand. I stand on my own two feet, wishing that they were not attached, so that I could move around them and see where exactly I am. What am I doing? Where am I actually standing? And why am I standing? Still, at least I am indeed standing on my own two feet. I have the world ahead of me and I am making it on my own. Yes, look at me doing my own thing. I am living my very own adult life, alone. I have many questions and never too sure if I’m doing everything right. Most days I know I’ve done at least one major thing wrong, but still I am making it on my own. I am living this adult life, standing on my own two feet. But you know what? Some time, well most of the time I wish I wasn’t. I wish there was some sort of clear arrow pointing one way or the other. Still I guess that’s not entirely how this adult life thing works, so here I stand. I am here standing on my own two feet.

Two Paths


Today’s art is my first and(at this time) only painting set.

two pathsTwo Paths is two 11 inch by 14 inch acrylic paintings, both on canvas. They were completed in early 2013. These paintings are meant to be placed next to each other to create one art piece with a tree in the center of it. It symbolizes a choice that everyone has to make, at  least once in their life. The choice is, what life do you want to live? Where do you want to live? This decision can shape your life and shape the person you become. In this painting this vast choice is broken down into two simple paths. One leads to a simple hut; a home in a meadow. The other path leads to a city in the far distance.