I finished two paintings this week, both were California landscapes. 

The first I entitled Tree Along The Path

Tree Along the Path

Tree Along The Path is an original acrylic painting, done on canvas. It is ten (10) inches wide and eight (8) inches tall. This work of art was completed on September 28th 2013 and is signed by the artist.


The subject of the painting is a tree that can be found on West Cliff drive in Santa Cruz, California.




The other I am calling Sunset Beach


 Sunset BeachThis painting is of a beach while the sun is slowly setting to the left. The main focus is the beautiful cliffs that jet out onto the beach with an opening for the visitors to enjoy the other section of the beach. Sunset Beach was created using a photograph as a tool to capture the landscape of the beach. It is painting on a 10 inch wide by 8 inch tall canvas with acrylic paint.




Both paintings are being auctioned on eBay.


Split Flower

split flower

Split flower is a 20 inch by 16 inch acrylic painting on canvas which was completed early to mid 2013. It started simply with the butterfly trying to safe the caterpillar who was not ready to fly yet. Through the painting process the plant with two different flowers started, which represent the two different feelings that were felt while trying to drag the caterpillar away. One flower reached upward for the light wanting to grow. The other reached sideways not wanting anything to really change. The painting was then bordered with nearly transparent light purple water on top and green fire on the bottom to add to the conflict.split flower 2


Dance on the moon


dance on the moonDance On The Moon is a 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic painting on canvas which was completed in the early part of 2013. It shows a woman dancing on the moon with the earth in the background. This painting was completed after the Solo tree and Two Paths. It is a representation of my choice to live my life fully and hope for greatest. It came from the saying, “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Two Paths


Today’s art is my first and(at this time) only painting set.

two pathsTwo Paths is two 11 inch by 14 inch acrylic paintings, both on canvas. They were completed in early 2013. These paintings are meant to be placed next to each other to create one art piece with a tree in the center of it. It symbolizes a choice that everyone has to make, at  least once in their life. The choice is, what life do you want to live? Where do you want to live? This decision can shape your life and shape the person you become. In this painting this vast choice is broken down into two simple paths. One leads to a simple hut; a home in a meadow. The other path leads to a city in the far distance.

Solo tree

I recently started to post and try to sell my paintings. I realized that writing and painting are my passions and what I want my career to be in. That is why I write and paint. I love both art forms, so much.

I have posted my paintings with their descriptions on my website. I figured I would start to post them here also, since they are one of my joys.

Here is the first one:

solo tree

Solo Tree is a 14inch by 11inch acrylic painting on canvas, which was completed the later half of 2012. I painted this picture after moving back to my mother’s house on the East Coast from Santa Cruz California. I moved to reconnect to my family and friends who still lived on the East Coast, but found that the only connections I still had was my family. This isolation created a need for me to rediscover painting and through this need I painted this single tree. It has acted as a reminder that although all around may be dark, you can still choose to stand strong and bloom.