Questions (A Poem)


For a little while now I have had a feelings for someone, well a crush on someone. I have written a few poems about this and have not posted them, because it was too fresh. Now, that it is on the tail end I feel comfortable sharing the poetry I wrote. 

If I write about you
will these butterflies fly away?
If I admit my feeling
will my heart slow its racing?
If I stare at your picture
will my heart remember to beat when I see your face?
Can you answer my questions?
Let me know you’re listening,
show me you care
or should I back away,
silently slink into the shadows,
back pedal and back up,
should I let you know
or let these feelings go?
Can you answer my questions?
Say you’ll slowly signal for more
or tell me to take off.
Either way speak,
answer my questions
that I cannot ask.