Guarding The Ladder.

Otis 004Do not let the picture above fool you. Otis is not an ordinary cat.  He is a fierce feline focused on protecting the one who feeds him. He bravely takes on this role every night. What is this hero of a cat protecting me from? Well, I am actually not entirely sure, but it may be from falling off my bed, or it could be the window. Whatever the danger he protects me from it every single night.

Let me explain how he protects me. His heroism primarily entails walking the perimeter of my bed, making sure that the only exit from the loft bed is still the ladder. He then makes sure that I am safe by sniffing my face. Finally he is ready to buckle down in his post. He stretches out as he lies down right at the opening for the ladder. He will bravely stay at his post keeping watch, unless he falls asleep, until my morning alarm goes off. Most days he will even stay pass the alarm going off and it will take me nearly throwing him down the ladder for him to move.

Now, since I am the one being protected I cannot be the first one out of the bed. He cannot and will not simply move aside. He needs to clear the area or at least the ladder. He makes his safety check by climbing down part way, stopping at the window for  a moment, and then going out the window onto the roof.

His reward for being brave and protecting me all night is his breakfast that I pour him usually while I am still asleep.

At least, that is what I am telling myself. In all honesty he most likely is just being a butt and blocking the ladder, because he knows it annoys me. I will keep trying to convince myself that he is protecting me, because murdering a cat is frowned upon.


Dark Den (A Poem)


Please give me,
a dark den,
with a cool current flowing through.
Let the ground be a bed,
not dirt or grass.
Really I just want a dark den
to lay my bed.

For you see
I simply don’t want to be me.
Not that I do not like being me,
simply put I don’t want to be.
Just for a time,
just for a night.

All I want to be
is in a dark den,
one that is cool,
with my beautiful bed
to curl up comfy in.

Five minutes more ( A Morning Poem)


Writing Prompt
How do you wake up? Do you spring out of bed, almost always fully rested or do you hit snooze? What is it like for you to wake up on a typical morning?

Five more minutes,
please just five more minutes,
well five or ten;
fifteen minutes tops.
I just need to be curled up
in my nest of blanks and pillows.
Let me relax for a little longer
I promise I will wake up
I will get up and shower.
I just need to be in bed
just a little big longer.
If I could I would
just stay in bed
with my covers over my head,
but no I promised.
I will wake,
but I need five minutes more.


Dreams (A Poem)

You are so far away
I am so close.
I see my flaws;
my short comings are staring.
They stare at me,
scare me,
while you are far away.

Like a castle in the distance,
the gold at the end of the rainbow,
the bed after a long day,
you are out of reach
some where in the distance.

I want to grasp you,
hold you tight,
and never let you go,
showing you that you are mine
and wrapping you in hugs.

This is why I fight
why I write,
because one day you will be near,
one day the tears will be
for how close you are
not how far away.