Swan Attack (Journey To Me)

It should be known that I hate birds. It is partly out of fear and partly is because I think at least fowl and larger birds are evil. I can handle smaller birds and can stand pet birds, like cockatiels. Roosters, swans, and geese are not okay in my book.

I have had a few negative run-ins with birds in my life. The first one I remember is the swan that attacked me and my now step-sister.

Until I was 10 I lived across the street from my uncles’ pig farm. They also had goats and chickens. I would always go over there and one day I went with my step-sister.

We went into the goat’s area. It was a fenced in patch of land that was a bit rocky, but grass still grew.

I did not realize that a swan made a nest and laid eggs in the grass, until I got too close. The swan chased my step-sister and me. We scrambled up some rocks, since we could not get back to the gate. There was a thorny bush on the other side of the fence. There was a short argument about leaping the fence, since we would be jumping into the thorns. The evil swan was ready to attack, but no major injuries occurred. I believe we jumped the fence or one of my uncles came to chase the bird away.

I want to say my uncle chased away the massive bird with a shovel in hand, but I can only remember the terror of the swan’s attack with its flapping wings and the feeling of being trapped.

New Day (poem)

A few months ago I tried to challenge myself with writing every type of poetry. I think I wrote about 5 poems for that challenge. I just looked back and did not see them labeled as specific poems and it was over 6 months ago. That being said I decided to start this challenge again. This time I will tell you the type and the definition of it. I will be using ShadowPoetry.com  as my poetic dictionary and list.

The first poem is:

Abecedarian Poem
Each line builds with a successive letter in the alphabet. Also referred to as an alphabet poem


A new day starts

Bright is the sun

Cascading light into my room

Do you hear the birds

Echoing in the distance?

Far away are the sounds

Gathering of the morning life

Happy little far away birds

I hear them as the sun cascades light

Just as I wake in the morning.

Kindly they sing me awake

Lovingly the chirp in the distance

Morning has come and I am at peace

Night is no more

Opening my eyes I can see the daylight

Peace washes over me with the bright light of morning.

Quieting the distant birds in my ears

Raising my hope for the new day

Staying in bed

Tangled in blankets

Unwilling to move from my peaceful state.

Very hopeful that my peace will stay

Waiting for reality to set in

X-ing out the dreams in my head

Youth seems to leave me

Zeal for the morning drifts away as the birds fly.

Wow X was hard to do and I wish I woke up like that.