Otis, The Hunter.



 Otis, The Hunter.
roof otis 004

Otis, the fat grayish-tan feline with thick black stripes, almost sat down next to me as if he wanted to be near the comfort of a human. Before his bum touched the blanket I had brought out onto the roof, Otis heard a noise. It was the famed climbing of a squirrel, that needed to be hunted. There was no time to cuddle the squirrel invader had to be stopped. Only the heroic house cat could hunt and stop this beast, so Otis crouched down and very slightly crept to the skylight, that since it was raised gave a littler cover for his sneak attack. Then since time was of the essence he bolted towards the wild beast, which actually gave the squirrel enough time to see the house cat and climb back to the top of the tree yelling at the cat as it climbed. Otis, who thought himself brave and a great hunter,continued to stalked the frightened and angry sounding squirrel to another higher tree.

Unfortunately the hunt had to end since Otis is a fat house cat who could not even get onto one of the trees. After a minute or less Otis came back to the blanket wanting the petting he ran away from a few moments earlier.

The first DreamWard Bound in November


Well, I had another crazy week. This was a different kind of crazy than most weeks are though. It was the week of Halloween and my birthday. This being the case I tried to get every thing that I needed to do for my blog and YouTube channels done on Monday. I did get the videos done edited and uploaded to YouTube, but did not write that much. Thankfully I took the Wednesday off of my day job and was able to write a bit after my Birthday dinner.

Thursday and Friday were exclusively dedicated to my work’s haunted house that I helped with and was in. I got to work around 8 on Thursday stayed until 11, which meant I got home at midnight just to wake up at 5:45 to go back in. After work on Friday I went out with my friends, because it was Halloween until 1.

I find it funny that I was complaining a bit about being tired and drained, but honestly I felt like I was in a production again, so was actually pretty happy. I loved the staying up late, getting things ready and trying out acting things. I never really was a creepy character before so it was fun to improv the little haunted house scene I was in.

I actually can’t wait until I work like that more. I really do enjoy building and creating with a group, then getting ready to act (although it was only a work haunted house), then actually making people react. It was fun. I always have fun when I do that type of thing.

That is all I can think to update you on now, so here is the list of things you should read or watch.

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