Cardboard Box Poem

Stepping into the box
I close the cardboard door
calling it prison.
Putting weights on top
I dragged to-dos inside
until there was no room to breathe.

When I heard no new box would come
I saw the disarray of my prison box.
The to-dos were holding the weights at bay.
There was no escape.

Then I saw my heart cracking,
Then I knew I had to slumber,
Then in the morning’s light I saw
I had put the weight on myself.
I could release the to-dos.
I found my breath and joy
watching my troubles prance away.

Black Winged Guardian

I drove home really late last night by myself. While driving I came up with this poem. Let me know what you think.

Black Winged Guardian

Black winged guardian

hiding in the night sky;

watching over your charge

In invisible armor

to match your unseen ways.

Mysterious and strong

staying in the shadows

exactly where danger lurks.

Black winged guardian,

inconspicuous hero,

hiding out of sight

so villains always feel fright

and victims stay alright.

Black winged guardian,

only feeling love unknown

staying in the shadows

staying where you were meant to be.

Powerful and brave,

Mysterious and strong,

Yet unknown and unseen.


I dream with my mind open

and my eyes shut

I dream without reality,

where anything is possible.

Yes, I dream wonderful dreams

where children run happy

parents are always pleasant

and love fills the air.


I dream with my mind open

and my eyes closed.

I dream the impossible dream.

I dream of you holding me close

hugging me and telling me everything will be alright.

I dream of hearing everything I want to hear

and laughing without end.


I dream with my mind open

and my eyes closed.

I dream of simple dreams

of walking with friends.

I dream complex dreams

of walking in friendship.


So many things I dream,

so many things,

but I dream dreams that will fade.