Could Be ( A Poem)

This could be amazing;
ride upon unicorns
over sparkling rainbows
while bards play magical melodies
and wild nymphs dance on trees
Others may spring into light
out of sheer joy.
This could bring delightful dancing doggies
or curiously cute cats,
wonders upon wonders could be brought.

On the other hand
if you flip the tape,
reverse my hopes,
show my fears.

This could be terrible,
rotted death could ooze out its orifices
like black tar filled humiliation
and the sulfur smell of dying dreams
those that were crushed by failure,
which would cause a dank cave
to become a bare home for my soul
with only swollen sadness
to guide my lonely days.

There is a burning flame
a flickering fire inside
that holds to the unicorn
almost seeing the sparkling rainbow
and knows
even if dying dreams are crushed by failure
new one will arise
out of the dream pulp
or ashes of failure.
The phoenix that is my heart
will go on
will create.

Dreams (A Poem)

You are so far away
I am so close.
I see my flaws;
my short comings are staring.
They stare at me,
scare me,
while you are far away.

Like a castle in the distance,
the gold at the end of the rainbow,
the bed after a long day,
you are out of reach
some where in the distance.

I want to grasp you,
hold you tight,
and never let you go,
showing you that you are mine
and wrapping you in hugs.

This is why I fight
why I write,
because one day you will be near,
one day the tears will be
for how close you are
not how far away.