Starting Evaluation for BJJ


I have read 3 books on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in the past week or so. They were all aimed towards white belts and were all introductions to the sport.  In every book they talked about how much they learned and changed, while being a white belt.

I have decided to do a self-evaluation for each belt. I am starting this before I even have my gi (the sport’s uniform). I have had two classes and fell in love with this sport, which is a first. Besides dance I have not found any physical activity that I would think of doing on a regular basis.

There is just something about going into a class knowing nothing, jumping in and finding that everyone in the class is willing and able to help everyone else learn. It is a team of sorts, only the teammates are trying to test their other teammates joints, strength, and abilities.

Now, here is where I am starting. I am 180 lbs, with a little stomach and I would say on the border of hourglass and full figure. At least that is how I see myself. I will be taking a picture to compare new white belt self with my blue belt self once I actually have my gi.

I started BJJ for self-defense and as a workout. I nearly passed out the first class I took, which made me realize I do need to have a group workout because I do not push myself when it is just myself.

After my first class I came back because of the community, new art form, new way of moving my body, and found a new journey that will last my entire life. I am excited for this journey as I am sure you can tell if you read my other posts. I will leave a list of the different writing I have written, so far on BJJ.

I am just starting out but I have learned a few things. The most important thing I feel I have learned is the fact that I can do BJJ. I have also learned what to look for in a gi, of course that was mostly online research and not in a class. Still I did learn how to shop for a gi. Another thing I learned in BJJ is that fighting and fighting sports does not mean injury. Actually if you are training you don’t want injury either to yourself or your partner. Finally I learned that BJJ is a community and team sport that focuses on everyone improving techniques and welcoming any one will to learn in.

That is what I have learned so far. I am sure I will be learning more and more as the weeks and months go on. Now here is what I have written so far about BJJ.

Start of a Journey.

Pain So Good (A Poem)

Rush (A Poem)

Starting a journey

writingI started a journey last week, maybe you noticed. It is a life long quest to be my best. It will be a struggle see how this makes sense, showing some one or at least me something similar to growth. It is a journey that I have embarked as surprise to myself. This surprised journey, the sudden change in my seeing things is a surreal change in my path.

You see this new journey and sudden changed, changed more than a day like I thought it would. The first step was not really the true beginning. I thought it would be stepping into the hot sweaty gym, but no. The true beginning was asking the simple question, “Can I?” When the answer was yes, I was given a chance to step into the steam filled, rectangular room that was filled with blue and green mats.

My first class lasted all week within my muscles as an excited reminder that I did something impossible. What was that impossible thing I did, you may ask. I put down myself as I took off my shoes and learned my strength. I learned a new love. It is an impossible love that I told myself I would never find. It is the love of something that pushes you to the brink of your limits, but leaves you wanting more. It is a love that build you up, shows you the strength within you and tells you everything can be learned from. It is a love of Brazilian jiu jitsu and yes after only one class I was in love. After two classes I confident enough in this new journey to write about it.

You will hear more about my training and journey. This is only the start.


Info On My YouTube Intro

Yesterday in between serving at my church I recorded an introduction video for YouTube. I realize that I will need to record this video again, but it is something at least.

I almost did not do it, then I almost did not get a chance to edit it. I had a million excuses not to, but then a quiet nudge reminded me that if I did not record this video it would be the first week (with the exception of my vacation week) that I would miss a recording since I started that goal. I was tired from waking up early, did not have anything really prepared, then my camera died before I was really finish.

Still I edited it together the best I could and uploaded it to YouTube. I watched it again to make sure that I was comfortable in publishing it and you know what it’s not as bad as I thought. However, I want to know what you think. Is it entertaining or informational? Does it make you want to know more or at least pay a bit of attention to my channel?

Here is the video, let me know what you think.

Dreamward bound

I always day-dream, dream and wish to have my art be my career. I have taken steps to do so in my writing and painting, but it seems harder for my acting. I love entertaining people, just as much as I love writing and painting, but acting takes more people to pull off. I mean I have tried to do a show by myself (In My Mind {a note about In My Mind: it was suppose to ridiculous and bad comedy.}), but that did not really work

I am hoping to find auditions, but it seems like I don’t know where to look, so I have decided to write to talent agencies, with a  “let’s see what happens” attitude. My first letter that I emailed out is below.

Dear Talent Agency,

I am an actor, author, and artist looking for work as a background actor or small role acting roles in either commercials or television. I found your agency while researching local casting calls and talent agencies. I am serious about living my life and part of that is becoming a full-time actor. My hopes in contacting you is that you see my passion, dedication, and determination towards acting, and agree to discuss representing me.

My fast details:

Name, Age: Tiffany Joy
Height, Measurements, Sizes: 5’7″, 160 lbs, 34D size 10 dress/ 12 pants.
Hair & Eye color: blonde hair, blue eyes
Phone number & Address:************

I am trying to make acting my main career and will take any size role, because I understand that I have a long way to go. I grew up in the theater since I was 5 years old and now hold a Bachelor’s in Theater and Dance with a concentration in Acting/ Directing, so I comprehend the difficulties of the entertainment business. I have filled almost every role there is to fill in the theater including stage manager, director, scene shop technician, technical director and many more roles. Since graduating high school, I have tried to stray away from acting, but nothing makes me happier than acting. Now I give up trying to stay away and would like to act on film.

I was first trained in dance, starting when I was 5 years old. Once I turned 10 years old I started to act in musicals. In high school I formed and helped run my school’s drama club, while acting in the short plays. In college I tried my hand as a technician, but majored in acting. During this long training process I wound up being in 24 musicals, 4 plays, 2 cabarets, and an extra in 1 film. I am also involved with an improvisational group, which meets weekly.

I have attached my acting resume, 2 head-shots, and a full body shot to this email. However, you can also see examples of my work, including my other art forms, at If you have any questions, please, email me at or call me at *******. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tiffany Joy.


What do you think? Would you consider representing me if you were an agent?

My Tesitmony

I have not shared my testimony/ story in a while so I figured I would share it with everyone.

I grew up in a small town with a rather large family, which included 3 sisters and 4 step-siblings. I would only see my father on the weekends and my relationship with him was not ideal.

After graduating high school I went to college 2 hours away. I felt what I thought was freedom. I could do pretty much anything and not fear my mother finding out. I still got good grades and still graduated on time, but I partied and stayed up till all hours of the night. Some nights the sun would rise before I left my friend’s house.

Like I said I graduated on time from college and then the question was raised, ‘Now what?’ I decided to go to California with a group of friends. We wanted to live the Californian life. We wanted to own a night club, computer business, and whatever else seemed like fun.

We drove for six days to get to our new home that just fell into our laps. It was a great big house close to the ocean. Everything was looking good, for a time.

Of course, it was not long before things went down hill. Our friend that we moved out there for found himself needing to move to New York, very badly and within a month of the move he went to live with his parents. The five that moved out there were now on our own. We did not have jobs or friends out there. We only had the four bedroom house.

Things started to get rough and we started to fight with each other. At one point my friend, Ryan threatened to move out. He did not actually move out but we all were not happy campers.

Someone one day came up with the idea of studying all the different religions to find the one main truth. We
figured there must be a through line in all the religions. It’s not like we thought knowing the different religions would help, we were more curious. We assigned the different religions among our group. However, the only person that actually looked into his assigned religion was, Justin, who chose Christianity/ the Bible, since he already had one from his grandmother.

One or two others in the group talked with Justin about God before my encounter with God. The time line gets a little blurry because once God came into our group He came rushing in. The time in between each of us accepting God and the Bible to be true was no more than two months, maybe even shorter. That is five friends in two months.

Each one of us had a very clear moment when God came into our hearts. Notice I do not say, ‘When I found Jesus.’ I did not find Jesus, I did not find God. I was not looking for God or Jesus. I did not want that boring religion filled with self-sacrifice and rituals to be true. Thankfully God is not a god of religion or rituals. He is the God and so much more than anything we can fully understand.

He found his way into my heart one day as I was meditating on the cliffs in Santa Cruz, California. I did not think I was praying and did not bring anything. I had taken the walk with my friend and roommate Marc, who had brought Justin’s Bible (the only Bible in the house). After I asked the universe to send me a sign about what is true, something like a small voice in the back of my soul told me, ‘Pick up the Bible.’ I stood walked over to Marc and asked him to see the Bible that was next to him. He handed it to me or I picked it up and walked back to my area.

I did not flip through the pages or pick a verse to read. I did not want this to be true. I let the wind blow the pages. When the wind died down enough for the pages to stop flapping, the Bible was about open about half way. My eyes did not fall on the first line of either page though. I remember it was about half way down the page that I started to read. I read the verse, “Oh, hear me Lord in my meditation and deliver me from the evil doers.” It was Psalm 64 in the New King James Bible. The Lord did hear me in my meditation. Than as I accepted the Bible to be true something like a light or breath or a new life came into. I could have ignored it and said that it was nothing, but it was something special. It was indeed a new life and it was because I was open to any idea, even the ones I did not want to be opened to.

Since that day I’ve taken leaps and bounds in my journey, but have fallen and slipped. I pray honestly, earnestly and full hearten at times, yet other times I hardly pray at all. My life is not prefect, actually it’s far from it, but it is a true and full life. I do not have a husband or stable career path. I am not saved from the dangers in the world, but I am alive and have a God who I can lean on. I do not know where my life is going. I only know the next step I need to take is because life is a journey filled with little steps and you may trip and stumble but God will catch you, all you need to do is trust in him.

If I could tell you one thing I’ve learned it’s just that; life is a journey filled with steps and the only way you can get to your destination, your destiny, is to trust is the Lord our God, who loves you and has saved the world. All you need to do is be open to his guidance and love.

Being led.

Calm the calamity in my mind,

Because I know you’re here.

And, I know I’m right.

This path may look

the wrong way,

seem to go no way,

a dead-end

or have a brick wall in the way.

Yet, this path is

the one I’m on,

the one you lead me down,

the right road for me,

so I will walk this path

that some think leads no where.

Because I know

I will get where I going

and know that I’m being led.

The Start with the Best Project

I must confess I am a dreamer who dreams about creating, reviewing and simply being part of the movie industry. I love watching movies and figuring out why they work or don’t work. I often find myself sitting and reviewing a movie I’m watching in my mind. Then one day I had a thought; why don’t I share my reviews, thoughts and ideas with other people. I figured the best place to do that would be in a blog. The next issue was what movies should I start with. Should it be the ones I know, the ones I know I’ll enjoy, or the new movies being released?

After figuring out where I should post my own, most likely quirky, thoughts, another brilliant idea came into my mind. I would make this into a project. I will review movies I knew, ones I enjoyed, and ones I should know. Now this would not be a project if it was all movies I knew and enjoyed though, so I went on to (internet movie database) and looked up their top 250 movies. There were a few classics movies that were not listed, so I added some that I thought I should review. I also noticed that it didn’t have a good variety of black and white movies, so I added a few Gene Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland movies. Well then I reviewed my list again and noticed that there was movie series with only one movie of the series on the list. I just had to make sure I had all the Star wars and Lord of the Rings on there. Long story short my Movies to review list is 328 movies long. This will hopefully take only 6 years to complete.

Here is the list (if you want to keep track):

Shutter Island
The Dark Knight
The Prestige
Fight Club
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Matrix
The Matrix: Reloaded
The Martix: Revolution
Leon: The Professional
127 Hours
Mulholland Dr.
Pulp Fiction
The Butterfly Effect
Into the Wild
District 9
The Sixth Sense
Donnie Darko
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Departed
A Separation
The Usual Suspects
The Shining
American Beauty
No Country for Old Men
Blue Valentine
Requiem for a Dream
Good Will Hunting
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War
Slumdog Millionaire
Life Is Beautiful
Eyes Wide Shut
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lost in Translation
It’s a Wonderful Life
Rain Man
3:10 to Yuma
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
21 Grams
A Few Good Men
Jackie Brown
Batman Begins
The Sting
Raging Bull
The Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
The Illusionist
The Patriot
Back to the Future
Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part III
The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Star Wars: Episode I
Star Wars: Episode II
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars: Episode IV
Star Wars: Episode V
Star Wars: Episode VI
I Am Legend
The King’s Speech
Saving Private Ryan
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The Princess Bride
Apocalypse Now
Office Space
The Book of Eli
Ocean’s Eleven
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Law Abiding Citizen
The Italian Job
Knocked Up
Pineapple Express
The Bourne Identity
Minority Report
The Mist
Despicable Me
Mission: Impossible
The Devil’s Advocate
Repo Men
Paths of Glory
Lost Highway
12 Angry Men
Pan’s Labyrinth
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Breakfast Club
The Help
Seven Pounds
Star Trek
The Hangover
The Bourne Ultimatum
Napoleon Dynamite
The Bourne Supremacy
The 40 Year Old Virgin
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Rear Window
Role Models
Ice Age
The Uninvited
Mean Creek
The Descendants
Black Swan
The Big Lebowski
Full Metal Jacket
Children of Men
Twelve Monkeys
Let the Right One In
Mystic River
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Truman Show
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
The Machinist
Hotel Rwanda
Blood Diamond
Little Miss Sunshine
A History of Violence
Cast Away
The Others
Win Win
The Descent
Road to Perdition
Point Break
Rescue Dawn
The Orphanage
Punch-Drunk Love
Matchstick Men
The Boondock Saints
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
American Gangster
Catch Me If You Can
The Lives of Others
The Pursuit of Happyness
I, Robot
Almost Famous
Gangs of New York
Inside Man
Groundhog Day
The Ring
The Fighter
Hard Candy
Lucky Number Slevin
The Bucket List
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Arsenic and Old Lace
21 Jump Street
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Sherlock Holmes
City of God
Iron Man
(500) Days of Summer
A Beautiful Mind
Man on Fire
Jurassic Park
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Incredibles
Mr. Nobody
Being John Malkovich
The Village
Big Fish
Night of the Living Dead
Vanilla Sky
The Artist
A Clockwork Orange
L.A. Confidential
V for Vendetta
The Silence of the Lambs
Casino Royale
American History X
Reservoir Dogs
Taxi Driver
Die Hard
The Road
X-Men: First Class
Edward Scissorhands
The Secret in Their Eyes
Machine Gun Preacher
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Apollo 13
The Vanishing
Revolutionary Road
The Thing
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Wicker Man
Amores Perros
Annie Hall
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Dark Knight Rises
The Secret Life of Words
Citizen Kane
Gone with the Wild
The King and I
Ten Commandments
Ben Hur
The Music Man
Schindler’s List
To Kill A Mocking Bird
North by Northwest
Taxi Driver
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Singing in the Rain
The Maltese Felcon
The African Queen
The Grapes of Wrath
High Noon
On The Water Front
Mr. Smith goes to Washington
The Graduate
Bonnie and Clyde
West Side Story
A street Car named Desire
Roman Holiday
The Big Sleep
Bringing up Baby
The Bride of Frankenstien
City Lights
A Night at the Opera
42nd street
Something’s Gotta Give
The Prince and the Show girl
Monkey Business
Lets Make Love
Gentlemen prefer Blondes
How to Mary a Millionaire
Meet Me in St. Louis
A Star is Born
Easter Parade
An American in Paris
On The Town
Cover Girl
The Notebook
Mama Mia
It’s Complicated
Top Gun
Clerks 2
The Last Samurai
The Wizard Of Oz
Boondocks Saints II: All Saints’ Day
Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas
The men Who stare at Goats
Star Trek: The motion picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis
Lemony Snicket’sThere is my list of 328 movies I will be reviewing, and if you thinking there should be a movie on the list let me know.