Goal Getters Channel

Hello readers,

For a while now I’ve been writing and telling you about my goal focused channel. Well, I decided that I would share everything I’ve done with it all right here. Before I do that though, how about I tell you why I am making these videos.

I am recording steps and tips to help people reach their goals for that purpose. I want to help people reach their goals. I know that some goals are hard and others just take time. I also know that one of my biggest done falls is when I feel like I am all alone in my struggle to achieve my goals. My hope is that by showing random people there is some one out there who is willing to help them and show them my journey to reaching my goals, I will be able to support them.

Now one to the videos. First are the individual steps. Each of these videos are one out of the seven steps I follow to achieve my goals.


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Now, that those are done I am going to be doing a bunch of tip videos and one longer video of all the steps in one video, which should be easier to watch to get the audience started.

Here are the Tip videos that I have up so far.
Tip: Focus on your behavior

Tip: Plan you week

Tip: Know Why

Okay that’s a lot of videos. I hope you readers enjoy them. I am now off to see how many creative writing posts I can do before my mind completely melts.

DreamWard Bound (August 23 to the 30th of 2014)


What did I do this week? How did I venture towards my dreams and goals?

Honestly both those questions take some thinking time to answer, which makes me thankful for a 3 day weekend.

My week seemed a bit crazy, or at least more crazy than normal. I went to the Doctor Who’s series premier in a theater near my work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went over friends’ houses, there was a music show on Friday and earlier today on this beautiful Saturday morning I went to a personal training appointment.  Plus I had training at my day job all week to start working in a new role, which I am excited about. All this was on top of trying to get poems written for this blog, reorganize my schedule and start a new vlog series on a new YouTube channel.

I have planned out the channel’s format, style, average video length and general messages. I also did record some videos last Saturday for it, but they should be going in the trash unless I can find a few tidbits  to edit and publish.

I did write some poetry and recorded a poetry reading, which you can find on this blog and here are the links.

At The Windmill (poetry reading)

You Not Me (a poem)

Dreams ( a poem)

Life a Paradox (poetic random thoughts)

Wind me Up (a song as poetry)

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week. Let me know what you think of anything or everything.

I'm DreamWard Bound (August 9th to the 16th)



I’m feeling good with how my week turned out. I wrote poems and posted videos this week. I also joined a gym that is near my house today. Things seem to be going well for me as I sit and write this blog. I mean I was a bit drained and stressed from work along with everything else by Friday, but playing Pathfinder with my friends helped that. I was able to relax and be a bit crazy. It amazes me sometimes how much laughter can help wash the week’s stress away.

I am super excited about the ideas for this coming week and the fact that I will really be starting on my fitness goal. I also have a few poems brewing in my mind that are asking to be shared with you. I will share the new poems with you unless there are explosions around me, which I do not foresee happening.

Yes, I am in  a weirder mood as I update you on this week and a bit all over the place. I may not be stressed from the week any more, but that does not mean that I am not thinking about everything going on whether it is something random or otherwise. I have many plans and many ideas floating around in my mind. I am still not sure how to do everything I want to do, but I at least know what I can do for the time being.

I should write more and tell you more about my week. I am being a space shot though and so very easily distracted that I will just leave you with a list of things I did this week. At other points in the week I will write more about my journey and life.


Poem for Robin Williams

Why? (A Poem)

Crumble Down (a poem)

Stay (a Poem)


Connecting with a Character (write-up)