DreamWard Bound (August 23 to the 30th of 2014)


What did I do this week? How did I venture towards my dreams and goals?

Honestly both those questions take some thinking time to answer, which makes me thankful for a 3 day weekend.

My week seemed a bit crazy, or at least more crazy than normal. I went to the Doctor Who’s series premier in a theater near my work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went over friends’ houses, there was a music show on Friday and earlier today on this beautiful Saturday morning I went to a personal training appointment.  Plus I had training at my day job all week to start working in a new role, which I am excited about. All this was on top of trying to get poems written for this blog, reorganize my schedule and start a new vlog series on a new YouTube channel.

I have planned out the channel’s format, style, average video length and general messages. I also did record some videos last Saturday for it, but they should be going in the trash unless I can find a few tidbits  to edit and publish.

I did write some poetry and recorded a poetry reading, which you can find on this blog and here are the links.

At The Windmill (poetry reading)

You Not Me (a poem)

Dreams ( a poem)

Life a Paradox (poetic random thoughts)

Wind me Up (a song as poetry)

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week. Let me know what you think of anything or everything.

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