Update on projects

After two weeks of trying to do work on a different project each day I realized two things. One, is that I stress my self out easily. Two, with a full-time job I can not add so many projects. That being said I also decided to keep  those who care informed.

I was thinking I would cut out all my projects and start from scratch. I wanted to just focus on my jewellery. I have been working on my acorn necklaces and am going to start to make polymer clay jewellery. After a few thoughts and realizing that if I cut down to just jewellery I would not work on my book, movie reviews or Pink Sunshine story. Since I started to work on these projects before I started the schedule I will continue them.

That being said, Sundays I will still work on my book, As You Are. Friday nights  will still be dedicated to my friends in Story Time with Pink Sunshine. Saturdays also will still be focused on movie reviews. My week, however, will only be filled with  only jewellery making.

Now stay tune for pictures.

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