Come and See (A Poem)


Today, I could not think of anything to write, so I put my music on and then looked at my top searches. I read, “come and see what thy has done for me.” This is inspired by that search.

Come and see.
Come to see.
Please come and see
what he has done for me.
He has filled my heart
and gave me my soul.
Can you see?
He has done wondrous things for me.

Come and see;
please come to see
see the love,
see my heart,
see who I am.
He has given every thing to me.
Can you see?

What a blessing
and what great hope.
I hope you can see
the miracles that were
given to little ol’ me.
Can you see?

Please, come and see
all that was given to me
was given by He.
Can you see?

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