DreamWard Bound With A New Schedule


This week’s DreamWard Bound post will be a quick one. I had a super busy and long week at work. This means that by Wednesday I ran out of time and energy to write or do anything creative. I did write one short story using a writing prompt from last week’s writing prompt post.  I also started to write a character description post that was also from that prompt post. The character description turned into a bit of a short story and I did not get a chance to finish it.

I believe this coming week will have more time in it for writing, creativity, and breathing.

Before I give you the short list of things I did this week, I do want to mention a change to when DreamWard Bound posts will be going out. Since, my main focus this year will be my novel I wanted to give my Saturdays to novel editing. That means that it would be hard to write a post before evening time. Even evening on Saturday may be a bit rushed, depending on how well the editing is going. That is why DreamWard Bound is moving to Sundays. I may finish writing this weekly update on Saturday, but for continuity sake I will publish all DreamWard Bound posts now on Sundays.

Now, here is the list.

Realization (random ramblings)

Imagine Dragons and Airplanes (A Short Story)


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