DreamWard Bound From A Packed Week


This week was a packed week for me. I of course worked at my day job every day, but I was on a role that I enjoy. After work on Monday I went to my BJJ class, which was great. I even stayed for a little while after class, since it was an open mat time.

Tuesday I went to a Bible study and Wednesday I spent the night with friends.

Where it gets kind of crazy is Thursday. Not only did I work and go to my improv group, I also led the group and worked on this site. I wound up finishing my painting portfolio.

Friday I went to a show and took pictures and video.

Today (Saturday) I had class and took a nap, so it wasn’t that busy. I guess when I write it all out I didn’t do too much. It just felt like the week was packed because I did not have a single night to myself.

I also did write at some point during the week. Here is the short list of things I wrote this week.

Writing Prompt #5

A Quarter of the way to 100


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