DreamWard Bound, Still.


I did not fall off the face of the planet or get kidnapped by aliens. Nothing drastic or dramatic has happened to me. I did not even go on a spontaneous vacation. I simply was drained of energy when I had time to write this week and at the end of last week.

I did jot down thoughts and notes, which I will be completing today, hopefully. They just did not make it to completion or to being published, yet. A main reason for writing and not publishing, besides the time and being drained thing, is that I just did not want to fight with my computer or any computer. I love simply writing with a pen and paper more than with typing when I have things I need to figure out. This week seemed to be either figure out stuff or don’t think. Those were my two options this week.

That being said, I don’t have too much else to say, at least not in this post. I could go on and tell you how Otis (the cat that lives in my house) tried to trap me in my bed or that I wore two different shoes the day after. Those deserve their own post though. I wouldn’t want to go off on that tantrum.

I also have a realization post and a pleading poem. I will be sharing both this week, but the poem will be hard for me. I typically try to hold off on certain types of poems before I  publish them. This time I just want to be brave and show my heart how it is now.

So, stay tune there will be more writings this week.

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