DreamWard Bound with things.


This week went really well for me, minus the icky feeling I felt all week. I was able to listen to a good audio book on my way to work each day and had a half day on Friday. I also was able to go to two BJJ classes this week. I wanted to go to more, but I’m happy that at least I got to go to my 2 normal classes. I also scribbled down some creative writing thoughts.


I am most happy about editing and publishing a few portfolio pages. Now my portfolio is complete and up for everyone to see.  I do have to go back and fix a few mistakes I made and put up some pinterest pin buttons, so that everyone can share anything they want.  Plus, it’ll be an easy way for me to share my art work on pinterest. I will also be adding a section to my portfolio for the quote art that I do for the blog posts. Still, I have the major chunk done and up.

That is all I have to tell you now, so here is an actual list of things I did this week.

Main Photography page

People Photography page

Nature Photography page

Other Photography page

Random Art Work page

My Artistic side page

Inside thoughts (creative writing)

Images of you (poem)

Weekly Writing Prompt


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