Just A DreamWard Bound Post


This has been a week of thought it seems. I’ve been in my head trying to figure out a few things. One of the things that have been on my mind lately is my time. Mainly I need to figure out how to get more time out of my day.

This week besides trying to get more time out of my days I also worked on my novel. I realized quickly that chapter 1 was a solid chapter, but chapter 2 was a rambling mess. Most of my week’s editing time was spent marking sections to be taken out and figuring out where/ how I can split it into 2 chapters.  Since I was able to split chapter 2 into 2 chapters I am now on chapter 4.

There wasn’t much update worthy things that happened this week, besides the two mentioned above. Mostly because it at least seemed like this week was a lot of random activities and events. I was also on a different schedule at work, due to the role I was in.

The only writing post I did was my weekly writing prompt which you can read if you follow the link. Hopefully I will have more for you to read next week.

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