After A Vacation I’m DreamWard Bound


I got back from my vacation this week and hit the ground running, at least or a few days. I went to a friend’s house right when I got home, partly because I wanted to see them and their family, partly because I wanted to stay awake until at least 9. I was trying to fight my jet lag. It might have helped if I didn’t wake up at 4:30 EST and went to sleep at 10 PST. It was as if I woke up at 1:30 and went to bed at 10, or woke up at 4:30 and went to bed at 1.  It didn’t help that the next day I went over another friends house then woke up the following day at 4:45 to take make roommate to the airport.

On top of sleep issues at work the first day back I had advance training to qualify for becoming a  level 3 site owner. All this week I was really focused on the process in becoming a level 3. I mean this week in work was only 3 days and I was doing a simple job when I wasn’t training or taking tests, but still I think that counts as hitting the ground running.

That is all boring stuff. I should at least give you bullet points on my fun family vacation.

First I went a couple of days early, because well it is cheaper to fly during the middle of the week. I flew into the airport closest to my sister, Ducky’s house (nickname). I stayed with her and her family for a few days then drove up to the cabin in the mountains. We did stop along the way to see Monticello, which was Thomas Jefferson’s retirement home.

We then got to the cabin in the woods where we would be staying for the week. The grand total of humans that would be staying in this 3 floor cabin was 14. We also had 1 dog come. The house was 3 floors, which was helpful. This gave us enough room to have different people doing different things.

We didn’t just stay at the cabin. We went out and did something fun every day. We went to a water park, canoeing, and took a tour of the caverns that were around there. We also went to a lavender garden, went out to eat at a smoke house, and went on an adventure course. I even took 3 out of the 5 kids on a garden maze at the caverns, which was fun.

By the end of the week our numbers started to dwindle both Ducky and Cole (another sister) had to go home early, because of work. This caused a problem, since my ride to the airport was Ducky and my flight didn’t leave until a couple of days after we had to leave the cabin. What wound up happening was a bit complicated but worked. I was driven to Cole’s house, since mom had stuff she needed to drop off for her. I then stayed at her house for a couple of days, then brought to Ducky’s house and stayed there a couple of days.

I had nothing interesting happen flying home, but I did talk to Mormons while I was heading towards my family vacation. I actually wrote something about that, because if nothing else it was an interesting conversation. That will be posted later on this week.

I will actually be publishing a lot this week and next week. I think I may have 3 weeks of stuff to publish from the trip. I also have a couple of fun videos that will be published as soon as I look at them. The videos are 2 improv videos I did before leaving for vacation. I may have a video from vacation, but not sure about that yet, since it was longer, so I would have to edit it down.

There is no list of things I did this week, since I haven’t published anything in a while. Next week there will be a good list though.

I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for reading.

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