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Let me just get the excuses for why I’m posting my weekend update on a Monday night, out of the way. The main reason is that my computer decided that it needed to update and then lock my admin profile. My kindle then decided that it wasn’t going to cooperate either and I hate doing anything reading based on my phone. It didn’t help matters that I was getting over a little cold and quickly wore myself out at BJJ class on Saturday morning. Saturday was also a friend’s baby’s birthday party. He is 2 now, but will be a baby in my eyes at least until another baby comes into the friend group.  Sunday I served at church and then took a longer than expected nap. I finally fixed the issue Sunday night, with the help of a friend. By that time though I was not going to write the post, since it was about 10 pm when I got home.

Besides the fact that my computer pooped out this weekend and I had a cold, my week over all was rather productive. I finished my 100 day challenge on Monday, published 3 posts and started a new 100 day challenge that I am calling Writing Warrior Challenge. I have restarted the day count with the Writing Warrior Challenge, since I forgot to do it before the party and got home too late for my brain to be able to work.

I also realized this week that I will need to still be doing exercises almost every day. This actually shouldn’t be too hard to do, since I will be increasing my class days. I say that on a day when I had to skip my normal class. It crazy how life gets in the way of jit-jitsu and I don’t like it.

Sigh, I guess life is calling again or my bed. I will leave you with the list of posts that were published this past week.

Weekly Writing Prompt

Last part of 100

The whole 100 day challenge thoughts.

Writing Warrior Challenge



Starting Evaluation for BJJ


I have read 3 books on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in the past week or so. They were all aimed towards white belts and were all introductions to the sport.  In every book they talked about how much they learned and changed, while being a white belt.

I have decided to do a self-evaluation for each belt. I am starting this before I even have my gi (the sport’s uniform). I have had two classes and fell in love with this sport, which is a first. Besides dance I have not found any physical activity that I would think of doing on a regular basis.

There is just something about going into a class knowing nothing, jumping in and finding that everyone in the class is willing and able to help everyone else learn. It is a team of sorts, only the teammates are trying to test their other teammates joints, strength, and abilities.

Now, here is where I am starting. I am 180 lbs, with a little stomach and I would say on the border of hourglass and full figure. At least that is how I see myself. I will be taking a picture to compare new white belt self with my blue belt self once I actually have my gi.

I started BJJ for self-defense and as a workout. I nearly passed out the first class I took, which made me realize I do need to have a group workout because I do not push myself when it is just myself.

After my first class I came back because of the community, new art form, new way of moving my body, and found a new journey that will last my entire life. I am excited for this journey as I am sure you can tell if you read my other posts. I will leave a list of the different writing I have written, so far on BJJ.

I am just starting out but I have learned a few things. The most important thing I feel I have learned is the fact that I can do BJJ. I have also learned what to look for in a gi, of course that was mostly online research and not in a class. Still I did learn how to shop for a gi. Another thing I learned in BJJ is that fighting and fighting sports does not mean injury. Actually if you are training you don’t want injury either to yourself or your partner. Finally I learned that BJJ is a community and team sport that focuses on everyone improving techniques and welcoming any one will to learn in.

That is what I have learned so far. I am sure I will be learning more and more as the weeks and months go on. Now here is what I have written so far about BJJ.

Start of a Journey.

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