Last part of 100

ocean walk 192This list of daily thoughts start at day 82 of my 100 day challenge to myself. It ends with day 100. I will be posting the entire list  along with my closing thoughts soon. I just know that if I don’t post this I will be asking myself where it is at one point.

  1. It amazes me what a little bit of happiness can do sometimes. (Meaning some times it amazes me.  A little bit of happiness can do so much.)
  2. I can do anything because I keep the right attitude.
  3. A little encouragement can go a long way. (This was a class day.)
  4. I really fought with myself to do the workout but I did it and I am happy I did.
  5. I have the biggest smile on my face because I learn so much and felt the workout like crazy. (I had a Monday class, so yeah it was a workout.)
  6. The mind is powerful don’t waste it.
  7. I can tell this is still just the beginning of my healthy journey, but I’ve already come so far.
  8. It all seems like a mind game right now, and I am winning.
  9. 2 classes =2.5 hours is a great way to celebrate day 90.
  10. Only 9 more days and I’m feeling great. (Said with two smiles worth of happiness after another class.)
  11. Today seemed like a long day, good but long. Also I am loving BJJ more and more.
  12. I pulled something at class, so the last 7 days will be interesting.
  13. The pulled muscle/ part of leg is feeling better, still modified my workout. I’m happy with the results. I keep on going.
  14. Still modified the workout, but did more of what I can do. Only 5 more days now. Time to finish strong.
  15. Still modified the workout, still doing workout plus a little extra. I’m feeling positive with 4 days to go.
  16. I still modified the workout, but did even more of what I can do. Also I use to not be able to do 10 crossovers/ Russian twists. Now I can do 30 non-stop which makes me smile.
  17. I had a great class and really happy with my improvements.
  18. One more day. I’m feeling like a warrior. (Said with a smile on my face.)
  19. Woot! Woot! Yeah Buddy! I did 100 days and ended with an awesome class.

Bonus/ ending thought: You can do anything if you really want to. This is proof of it.


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