My Writing Warrior Challenge

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Since my first 100 day challenge went so well, I have decided to do another. In the first challenge I focused on getting in better shape for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Now, since I am going to try to increase my classes I thought it would be good to challenge myself in a different aspect of my life.

This challenge will focus on my brain, more specifically editing. I already procrastinated past the deadline I gave myself. It is time to get this book’s second draft finished.

Now I am not saying I will finish editing my book in 100 days. That would stress me out more than it would be helpful.  No my writing warrior challenge is much more simple. I will edit for 20 minutes a day. Some days I will be able to edit more, but I will not edit any less. If I do I start the count over.

Unlike the other challenge I will not be logging a thought a day. I will most likely tweet more about this challenge, but not a thought every day. I am already thinking a bunch trying to edit the book.

The good news is that I’m already on day 2 with most of the 20 minutes done. That being said I will let you know how it all went 98 days from now.

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