Solo tree

I recently started to post and try to sell my paintings. I realized that writing and painting are my passions and what I want my career to be in. That is why I write and paint. I love both art forms, so much.

I have posted my paintings with their descriptions on my website. I figured I would start to post them here also, since they are one of my joys.

Here is the first one:

solo tree

Solo Tree is a 14inch by 11inch acrylic painting on canvas, which was completed the later half of 2012. I painted this picture after moving back to my mother’s house on the East Coast from Santa Cruz California. I moved to reconnect to my family and friends who still lived on the East Coast, but found that the only connections I still had was my family. This isolation created a need for me to rediscover painting and through this need I painted this single tree. It has acted as a reminder that although all around may be dark, you can still choose to stand strong and bloom.  


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