Delayed DreamWard Bound


Hello readers,

This post is about 2 days late. I thought I would be able to find time to write this weekend, but I moved and could not find the time. It was a extremely full weekend of Ikea, packing up my car and unloading before packing it up and unloading again. We are moved into our place now and some how unpacking the mountain of boxes, while we figure out how it’s all going to fit.

Before the move I kept forgetting about, postponing packing or just ignoring the fact that I had this life change happening.  Since I was not productive with the move until the weekend I was able to do a bunch of things. The main thing is that I published a boat load of YouTube videos.

After a week of publishing the videos I am thinking that it would still be best to at least have a week’s video post here. That way I am sure every one who is supporting me can see all of my art. I will start doing that this coming Saturday.

Here is the list of Poetry readings I published on YouTube.

Prayer in a Poem

2 Haiku Poems

Poems and Memories

Bird or Fish

Hold Tight

Dreams Fighting Reality

I also wrote a few poems, so here is some more links to click.



Where Happiness Hides

The Sun Shines.

Let me know what you think about all this stuff and of course thank you for reading and supporting me.



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