Time for a Time Poem


Where did the time go?
It must have flown out the window,
yes out the window of my soul.
You see I saw time
it danced so merrily
but the dance was a slow waltz,
then I stopped watching it
that must have been when
it grew wings
and flew away
out the window of my soul
never to return.

Where did the time go, though?
Where did it fly to
and why can’t I be with it?
Did I hurt it like a wounded puppy,
or was it because I took it for granted.
I once thought it was a giant mountain
an endless journey
or even a bottomless pit of love.
Now I look around
and yes I have what remains
but in places I can see the ground.
I can see where time ought to be.

Still, time has flown away
and I do not know where to.
One day I will find out
where it flew to,
until then I will count my blessings
count my love and
cherish family along with my friends.
with or without the time to do it.

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