My Bad Morning (a Short Story)


This is based on a true story.

I woke up today, not wanting to get out of bed. It was nothing big. I just did not want to go to work. I wanted the weekend to come a day early.

I did wake up and I did get out of bed. I got ready and decided to take part in my work’s fancy Friday. You see when you work in a company of hackers, who also have nerd tendencies, casual dress is more common than not. Most days people dress in jeans and t-shirts, but not on Friday. Friday people dress up. There is one person who appreciates fancy Fridays the most and who I believe started the tradition. It was this person’s birthday, so I thought it would be nice and cool if I dressed up. I found my dress pants and my favorite button up shirt. I did my makeup and hair. I then put my heels on and went out the door.

I got a late from my favorite cafe. My day had a later than normal start, but it was going fine. It wasn’t until I got on the highway that everything stopped being fine. I heard a load noise as if my car was drive on something. I asked myself if something could be stuck under my car. I almost didn’t pull over, but decided it would be best. I got off the highway and the sound changed a bit to more of a thud-thud sound as if my tire was flat. I thought it strange since when I was on the highway it was just really loud. I pulled into a grocery stores parking lot and got out of my car. My tire was completely blown, with holes all of it.

It was still okay. I was going to change a tire. How hard could it be? I thought I had it all under control. I started with taking the spare tire out. This should be the easiest part right? I just needed to undo the bolt and slide it out from under my car. It sounds simple, but when you are dressed up, determined to stay clean and need to pull something out from under your car things get difficult. On top of staying clean I did not want to get my clothes wet, because it had rained the night before and as soon as I started to try to get the spare tire out it started to sprinkle. I wound up doing yoga positions and weird poses just to figure out what I could do to get the tire out from under my car. Finally after a fight and a struggle I freed the dirty rescue tire from its cage.

Now, it was time to get the jack in place. Again, this should be easy, right? Don’t you just put it under you car and crank it up? Apparently the answer to both those questions was ‘no.’ After the wheel did not move, but the car frame moved I decided to look at my manual. It was inside in my glove compartment.

I went the front of my car and saw my delicious latte sitting abandoned. I thought it best to show it some love by taking a sip. It thought it best to spill all over my car. Thankfully I did not get burned, because it was lukewarm by now. Yes, I got to enjoy one, maybe two sips of hot coffee before my tire blew and now the fight over the spare tire caused my coffee to be lukewarm.

I sighed a heavy sigh and started to flip through the manual to figure out what to do with the jack. It had now started to full-out rain. Once I thought I had everything in control people started to ask my if I needed help. I was too proud and too confident to let them. I was going to finish this task. I could do it. I know I am a woman who is looking fancy, but I can do it. I can change a tire. I didn’t need any help.

I did get the jack in place and the tire ready to be taken off. I now just needed to get the nuts off. In the movies they make it seem pretty easy. Plus, this is harder than it should have been already, so now the easy part should happen. I am almost done. I just need to get the tire off.

Well, after a few minutes of trying to getting them off with increasing force a nice older man came over to should me a trick. He got on the wrench thing and jumped. Yes, I called it a wrench thing. I do not know the right name for the tool that came in the back with the jack. Also, yes, he did stand, full weight on the thing and jumped. I thought awesome I know how to do it now. I thanked him thinking that was all I needed. I just needed a tip from a stranger. He accepted the gratitude and went on his way. So, in my heels I started to hop with both feet on the wrench thing. Nothing happened. I had a thought of, “hey, I’m light.” This thought was followed by, “Oh my goodness, I am so weak I can’t even get this nut to loosen.” Thankfully after a minute of hopping on the wrench thing another man came and helped me. He told me to lower the jack and loosened the nuts for me.

After I finished taking the nuts off the wheel was easy to get off. I was almost done. I just needed to get the spare tire on and then drive  less than a mile to the tire store. By now though I knew that stupid tire wasn’t going to be easy. I just picked it up and waited until find the issue. It was aligning the holes with the bolts. I felt like I was trying to line up an ancient key with its keyhole. It took longer than it should have. Of course, the entire process took longer than it should have. Finally, after one more person asked to help me, which I refused on the fact that it was only the spare tire now, I was able to get it on.

I got up with my outfit still clean and was meant with one more nice person. It was really surprising to me how many people actually wanted to help me. I told the guy I was done, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt for him to check to make sure they were tight enough. He did and was able to tighten them a bit more.

I was now off to the tire store, where I was told that all four actually needed to be replaced. While they were pricing the tires I cleaned my hands and arms, which were the only things to get dirty. I then went and decided that I never wanted to change a tire again, so got all four new tires in hopes that it would at least postpone the tire changing nightmare.

I waited an hour in the waiting room before I was able to go to work. I got to work and after an hour I went to get a snack. I made myself peanut butter on toast. I was still proud of myself and happy that I did not get any dirt on my clothes. I tell you this because after I finished with my snack I looked down and saw that some peanut butter had dropped on my shirt along with my pants. I just had to laugh that I can change a tire while staying clean, but can not eat and stay clean.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning. I know I will one day when I am not frustrated with how long it took. 

Goals remade


As I mentioned in This Week’s DreamWard Bound I am redoing my goals. I reviewed them, switched them up and twisted them into goals that are newer and more appropriate for the time being. I want to share them with you, so that if or when you see changes you will know why I am doing them.

These goals are a little different. I am trying out a new system, since some goals are already in my schedule and I am already working on them. I will be giving each goal a priority number (1-8) and class (A,B,C).  With the classes A are the first and most important class while C is the ones that I will get around to after A and B are done.

In the A class we have

  1.  I am going to read the entire Bible in 1 year (so by September 6, 2014) by reading for an hour a day, before I start my creative goals, so that I can learn more about God.  My reward will be a new note takers Bible.
  2.  I am going to strengthen my relationships with my family by texting or communicating with each family member at least once a week. My reward will be the stronger relationships that come out of the communications.
  3.  I am going to lose 30 lbs by November 23rd, by exercising and eating healthier, so that I am less achy, feel better about my body, have less acne, and am generally healthier. My reward will be $60 for pampering myself with the understanding that if I do not lose the weight the $60 will go to a friend.
  4.  I am going to publish at least one one-minute video a week focused on setting and achieving goals, so that I can share my knowledge of achieving in an interesting, fun and motivational way. I will reward myself by putting $30 towards a new computer and $30 towards my future fund after 3 months.

In the B class we have

  1. I am going to post 5 poems a week to my blog, so that I can strengthen my poetic voice, writing skill and grow my audience. After 3 months I will reward myself with $60 towards a new computer.
  2. I am going to post a monologue or scene that grows my acting skills once a week to YouTube in order to become a better actor and to be confident enough in my skills so that I can be comfortable auditioning. After 3 months I will hire an acting coach.

In the class C we have

  1. I am going to paint for 2 hours every other week to release unknown emotions, build my artistic voice and skill. My reward will be all the profits I make from selling my art will go towards my future fund.
  2. I am going to finish my 2nd draft of my novel by May 3, 2015 by working on it Tuesdays or Wednesdays so that I can be closer to finishing my first novel and that much closer to the next novel in the series. My reward will be a party with my friends.

I want to also note that I will still be working on the goal of posting a video and blog post every week, but I broke that into two separate goals. I mentioned that because I am excited for a weekend at a hotel in two months now, with no responsibilities, which really just means I will be writing and recording a bunch of stuff for fun.

Another thing that I should let you in on is the “Future Fund” that I mentioned in two goals is actually a savings goal that since it doesn’t take up time I forgot to write down. I will be saving up in order to take a year from normal work and focus solely on my acting and writing career. I still am uncertain about all the details, so I still in the prep and planning stages of this major goal. It is a goal that I have though.

Well, I believe that is all for my goals right now. Please let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoyed this extra post today. I also hope you have a wonderful day.

Life's poem

Life pushes,

it pulls;

whirls and rushes

like a dance

every step wishes

changing and turning.

Switching the rules

swapping the characters

redirecting the plot.

Once settled it’s time to rush and whirl

Time to chase another dream

find another way

wish for another day

because why live one life

when you can dream up twenty?