This week's DreamWard Bound


This week was a good week for me. I felt like I not only wrote three poems, I wrote three really meaningful and good poems. Plus I wrote two other random posts, that I enjoyed. I also wrote in my second blog that I have not posted on in months. To top it off I went to the gym almost every day and realized some strength improvements today.

I am trying to think about what else I did this week and what else I  can write, but honestly I don’t have too much to say.I stayed home more than normal, which was a change. I also wrote about the things that was going on as they went on.

I will be posting a goal update, since I want to review and freshen them up before I start my Goal Getters videos. I have watched YouTube videos as research to make sure there is a need for what I want to do. I think there is, since most of them are either dry, longer, or coming at goals as an expert. I know that I would rather watch videos that are interesting and relational. Goal Getters videos will be a journey not a class. I am working on goals right now, so I may not be an expert but I do know how to achieve them. I could go into more details but all this about Goal Getters will be in a video soon enough.

Alrighty than, here is what I did this week.

Patting Myself on the Back

Traffic (a Rispetto Poem)

Honesty ( A Poem)

Flowing Thoughts of a Poetic Mind

Your Efforts (A Ottava Rima Poem)


There we are. I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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