Puzzle Pieces


If we are all puzzle pieces fitting together to make a beautifully detailed picture can you be the one connected next to me. I want to force your gold and silver to connect with my puzzle piece, but I am cardboard. I am just a cardboard piece and you are metal. Perhaps you belong to another picture one perfectly planned for the materials you are made up of.

I do see another puzzle piece off and forgotten. He is not a shiny metal that looks out-of-place. This lone puzzle piece is also cardboard, just like me but his picture is being pulled apart as if life lifted the layers off. I know though, glue and love will mend any bends or pulled picture pieces. This other lone puzzle piece does look to be in the same picture with brilliant bright colors creating a beautiful part. Perhaps this pretty puzzle piece is part of the picture, but he may not be so tightly connected to mine.

My paint is not as bright or beautiful. I do not shine with beauty as the lone puzzle piece, still I will investigate. I will search every configuration. I will try to force the pieces that may not fit together. I will try even if the other piece remains unaware or uninterested in fitting together. I will figure out for myself by gluing down the pulled apart paint with love and glue until I know either way the puzzle is put together.

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