Over 3/4th of the way to 100

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If you follow my blog you know that I am doing a 100 day  challenge where I do at least a ‘base’ workout. This consists of 10 reps of 10 different exercises. I first challenged myself to this undertaking in my 100 day challenge post. Since then I have recorded little things that I either felt, learned or thought of while doing the workout. I write these little records on a piece of paper and have now filled 3 pages. The first 2 have their own posts (1st post and 2nd post links).

This latest list starts on day 54, but since this is a new post the numbering starts at 1. Here is the latest list.

  1. Feeling pooped and icky is not an excuse. You can still reach for your goals. ( I was happy with this day, since there was a smiley face after it.)
  2. I’m so ready for bed, but I did my exercises so won’t be angry with myself tomorrow.
  3. Good day, good training and good fun. (It was a BJJ class day and I was smiling.)
  4. I feel like a warrior. A sneezing warrior, but still I’m a fighter now.
  5. I took the day off get stuff done and did everything and them some with a smile on my face. (It was another smiling BJJ class day.)
  6. I am becoming a better me at least with fitness. Life is a process.
  7. Only 40 more days until a new goal or challenge. I’m excited.
  8. I’m realizing the scale is not my friend. I am tougher than it tell me since I am not used to muscle.
  9. I didn’t think about working out I just did it. That’s what happens when goals become habit.
  10. You can learn anything, just try and ask questions. ( It was a BJJ class day. )
  11. New goals, new challenges and dreams combine beautifully.
  12. Pushing yourself when you think you can’t won’t only prove the negative thought bit also put a smile on your face.
  13. Always looking back may be a bad thing. Yet being reminded of how far you’ve come is good.
  14. Even if you don’t feel like you can do it doesn’t mean you can’t. You can do it.
  15. You really do control your attitude and mood so believe you can and be happy.
  16. It’s hard to do your daily goals when your routine is off; hard not impossible.
  17. Pushing yourself is always good. ( I went to my first BJJ tournament on this day.)
  18. No matter what you think you are awesome. (I went to the tournament again and decided I wanted to start working towards competing.)
  19. I may have shown up lat to class but I showed up. (I showed up half an hour late to class because of traffic and work. I still showed up though.)
  20. You life is yours so live you life and achieve your goals.
  21. Being positive and thinking positive changes everything.
  22. I’m pretty sure I can do anything I set my mind to and you can too.
  23. Since I danced and did kick boxing I did my workout a bit different but I did it.
  24. The challenge is paying off. I’m seeing physical, mental and endurance changes. (I went to class that day. I must have been able to do more than normal.)
  25. Always be honest with yourself and know what motivate you.
  26. Hobbies and goals should be fun work. If not why do them. (I went to class and it must have been a fun one, since I was thinking about fun work.)
  27. Woot! It’s tough but I keep going (This was on day 80).
  28. Support is great and needed to have. Be grateful for your support system

Bonus thought  – Trying is winning  because you are beating those who are not trying and your yesterday self.

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